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configured applications

Over the years Metrex has assembled several complete applications by combining two or more modules from the Momex suite. These applications can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with existing web sites. Review the application features and contact Metrex to learn more about how these configured applications can benefit you.


Online Pharmacies with their large target market of individuals seeking reasonable prescription medication costs consistently face different challenges than bricks-and-mortar pharmacies. Ensuring processes and systems are in place to deal with ever-increasing loads and popularity of these easily-accessable pharmies is often a key concern, and existing Pharmacy and Prescription fulfillment software solutions are inadequate for those Pharmacies who are on the leading competitive edge.

To answer these needs, Metrex presents PharmacyWire - the most complete ePharmacy software solution available in the Canadian Pharmacy marketplace. PharmacyWire supports everything from a Pharmacy\'s need to both manage and support their online resellers, through to a Pharmacy\'s own complete back-end script fulfillment software and client-tracking needs, plus everything in between.


CareerWire is a web-based recruitment portal designed to simplify the process of sourcing and hiring qualified candidates into your firm.

By combining the power and convenience of Internet technology with thoughtful business and recruitment processes, CareerWire can provide strong support for your company as it embraces the Internet as being an important part of recruitment in the future.


As an Internet-based shipment tracking service, Trackpoint is designed to allow your clients and customers to retrieve up-to-date information about their freight shipments at any time, day or night.

Making use of current Internet technologies, the Trackpoint service is a supply chain management application that acts as a data transport vehicle, receiving specific information from your carrier\'s internal shipment systems. With a valid, carrier-controlled Trackpoint web account, clients and customers can log in from anywhere on the Internet to review their freight\'s current information.